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Buy Disc Golf Near Me

With the abundance of disc golf courses in Austin, let our map be your guide! Find the number of holes and general difficulty level of the course. Visit our Championship Courses for the finest Austin has to offer. Find download links below the map.

buy disc golf near me

It's not surprising that the Austin-area is home to a collection of great disc golf clubs, including one of the nation's oldest (Waterloo Disc Golf Club), and one centered in the neighborhood of the first Disc Nation Store (South Austin Disc Association). If you live in the Austin-area and play disc golf, then you should support these clubs through your membership and by participating in as many club activities and work days as possible. These clubs make it all happen and are largely responsible for Austin having such a great disc golf culture. If you don't live in Central Texas, then find a club in you area and start supporting the growth of this great sport. If there are any clubs that aren't listed, or you've just started your new club and want some representation, feel free to e-mail us your information. Below is a list of the clubs in our area, or that we support.

One of the tricky things when shopping for an inexpensive disc is understanding the quality. Not all golf discs are built of the same plastic and come in the same quality. The least expensive ones are made from a low quality plastics that nick, warp and get and damaged very easily. Once a disc gets defected, it loses flight performance and predictability. All the major manufacturers use several different grades of plastic, and price them according to quality.

Now Innova DX is at least using plastic made by a company who specializes in disc golf. This plastic at least meets the flexibility requirements required by the Professional Disc Golf Association. By testing out nearly every disc golf disc I can find, (read my reviews on Emsco Sports, Franklin, Halex, Disc Eagle) there are actually substantially worse plastics.

There are some great bulk package sets out there. While there are many starter sets, there are also complete bulk sets, putter packs, and mystery boxes where you can save up to 50% over the normal MSRP. Use this link for a great discount disc golf website where you can buy discs for cheap in bulk.

Disc golf companies often put items on sale because they have a surplus or just want to promote certain discs. Like most things in retail, if you buy them when on sale, you can save some cash on a variety of different brands. Shop on sale discs here.

The cost to sell products on Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart Marketplace is expensive! In order to make a profit on an individual disc using Fulfilled by Amazon (available for prime shipping and shipped directly from Amazon warehouses), the company listing the product must have about a 60% margin to cover the fulfillment and shipping costs (shipping is not ever actually free).

The least expensive place to buy new discs on the internet is Infinite Discs is by far the biggest retailer in disc golf and likely get better pricing than most of the smaller companies. For normal inventory, their retail prices are better than most, but you can really save when you shop from their misprints, factory seconds, and on sale discs. These prices are lower than anything on the internet, including Amazon and E-bay. Infinite typically advertises different discs on sale each Tuesday and occasionally announces discount codes in their newsletters and social media.

We are affiliates with Amazon and Infinite Discs and may receive commission payments for referring sales to those websites, but regardless of our potential monetary compensation always strive to provide honest and useful disc golf reviews.

Dynamic Discs was founded in March of 2005 and has emerged from a large field of competitors with hard work, creativity, and exceptional customer service. Our product line is massive and diverse. Our tournaments are continually rated as some of the best around. Our passion is doing everything that we put our hands to in an excellent manner. Each of these areas of excellence is only possible through a continued focus on being unrivaled in customer service. For us, it is more than a department, it is the way that we do business. Let the best customer service in disc golf get you the best discs in the game.

There are many event staff and volunteers to accommodate and direct you. The Pro Shop on site offers a wide variety of discs and other merchandise that make excellent souvenirs and autograph material.

Where: CentennialGo If You Like: FashionBecause: Fly Green, a superstore that debuted in 2009, also stocks a plethora of disc-golf-themed T-shirts, socks, hats, and jewelry.

... Great selection, friendly staff. I was looking for some very specific stuff and they reached out to a sales rep and got everything I asked for. If you disc golf in the Triangle this store is a must.

... Just what we needed here in Raleigh. Ran by passionate golfers you will see out on the course. Like friends you can turn to for your disc addiction needs. Bags, discs, shirts, swag. Some rare discs. Disc art. Fun little shop. Go give them a visit!

The Outdoor Center is the place to purchase passes, gear and rentals for disc golf. Located at 25 Campus Dr. New Gloucester, Maine (the former YMCA location). Call us at 207.688.6599 with questions. Pineland Farms has two full 18 hole courses, the Patriot & the Minuteman. Both of our courses are open in the summer, but the Minuteman stays open year round from dawn until dusk. There is an honesty box at the 1st tee for after hours play. Check Trail Conditions for updates on courses. Let us help plan your next Recreation Group Event, Tournament or Team-building Experience, Click here to inquire.

In the winter months, Pineland Farms keeps the Minuteman disc golf course open and the tee pads clear. The winter course plays the same holes as the summer layout, except for holes 9,10,11. These holes are adjusted to make way for the river loop Nordic ski trail.

Pineland has over 5,000 acres of beautiful woodlands and fields that are open to the public for year-round outdoor activities. Enjoy 30 kilometers of professionally designed, well-kept trails for biking, walking, trail running, Nordic skiing and snowshoeing. We also offer orienteering, dry-land Nordic ski training, sledding, ice skating, tennis & bocce, candlepin bowling, open gym, pickleball, basketball, and disc golf.

have purchased two pair now, and trying to justify a third. Treads on No. 1 are wearing pretty steadily after 50+ days of use. My ONLY suggestion: make the foot treads in the shape of a disc golf basket - they already resemble one a bit!

Great purchase. These shoes are comfortable even on my wide feet. Great grip I played a round of disc golf right after a rain and had no slipping issues. I'm very pleased with this purchase, thank you Idio!

Disc golf has long been thought of as a peculiar pastime. Gone are the days of flinging plastic frisbees at markers set as temporary targets. Today's players require precision, power, and finesse in order to edge out their competition. The Syncrasy is the first of its kind. A custom-tailored shoe to fit the needs of the sport. Because what we do is no longer a quirky hobby, it is our way of life.

If you have not sized your foot in some time, we suggest visiting a sporting goods or footwear store to have your foot professionally measured. This chart below should be used if that is not an option. For best accuracy, be sure to measure more than once preferably with the help of a friend. Should you have any questions about sizing or the fit of the Syncrasy, please reach out to

We are a small Southern California business with humble beginnings. By designing the first disc golf shoe from the ground up, we march foward to become disc golfs premier footwear brand. Your support helps us grow and develop more products for the future of our sport

The Flying Armadillo Disc Golf Club is a full service disc golf venue located in San Marcos, TX. We are a short drive from Austin, San Antonio, and the neighboring hillcountry cities, and just a few miles from the Texas State University campus.

This is such a great spot to get disc golf gear. Their selection is almost unmatched. They, of course, have your Innova and Discraft discs but they also had smaller disc brands I have yet to see. I found a ton of Star Wars licensed discs as well. The owner is super personable and I highly recommend stopping here.

We are proud to be Chattanooga area's largest disc golf store with more than 1,700 discs, backpacks, carts, and accessories. Our inventory below is an accurate representation of what we have in our store.

DZDiscs of course! DZDiscs has the best selection of discs and accessories in Kansas with thousands of discs from all of the major manufacturers. Our frequent buyer program points work seamlessly between online and in store. Our retail shop is also the local disc lost and found headquarters.

Axiom - Discmania - Discraft - Dynamic Discs - Gateway - GRIP eq - Handeye - Hive - HotHands - Hyzerbomb - Innova - Kastaplast - Latitude 64 - Millennium - MVP - Pocket Disc - Prodigy - Prodiscus - ProPull - Streamline - Trilogy - Westside - Whale Sacs - Zippo - Zuca

The Frisco Peak One Disc Golf Course is located at the Frisco Adventure Park and is surrounded by stunning peaks on one side and Dillon Reservoir on the other. The original 18 hole course opened on September 9, 1997, and on September 25, 2017, a new 9 hole disc golf course was added.

If you are looking for a new activity that can be done on the cheap and is a fun outdoor activity, you may want to try disc golf. The rules are very similar to regular golf, but instead of a club and balls, you use a disc (much like a frisbee). 041b061a72

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