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AKVIS Plug-in Crackl |VERIFIED|

Plug-ins are programs that integrate into your existing software adding new features and increasing functionality. AKVIS offers plugins for image and video editing programs. Check the compatibility of the AKVIS plugins here! Compatibility of the AKVIS Image Processing Plugins with Photo EditorsAKVIS image processing plug-ins are compatible with AliveColors, Adobe Photoshop, and other image editors.Note that the information below concerns only the latest versions of the AKVIS software! You do not have a compatible image editor? Try the standalone versions (independent applications) of the AKVIS products. You can also download the AliveColors image editor by AKVIS (a free version is available). Attention: You can launch almost all AKVIS plugins from the Filters/Effects, except AKVIS Magnifier. You will find the Magnifier plugin in Photoshop in File -> Automate, in Photoshop Elements in File -> Automation tools.Read how to add AKVIS Plugins to image editors.If you have information about the compatibility of our plug-ins with other programs, please write us at Free/Home/Business All AKVIS Plugins (except Magnifier):AirBrush, Artifact Remover AI, ArtSuite, ArtWork, Chameleon, Charcoal, Coloriage, Decorator, Draw, Enhancer, Explosion, HDRFactory, LightShop, MakeUp, NatureArt, Neon, Noise Buster AI, OilPaint, Pastel, Points, Refocus AI, Retoucher, Sketch, SmartMask, WatercolorAdobe Photoshop CC 2013-CC 2023 All AKVIS Plugins:AirBrush, Artifact Remover AI, ArtSuite, ArtWork, Chameleon, Charcoal, Coloriage, Decorator, Draw, Enhancer, Explosion, HDRFactory, LightShop, Magnifier AI, MakeUp, NatureArt, Neon, Noise Buster AI, OilPaint, Pastel, Points, Refocus AI, Retoucher, Sketch, SmartMask, Watercolor Adobe Photoshop CS-CS6 Adobe Photoshop Elements 11-15, 2018-2023Corel PaintShop Pro X2-X9, 2018-2023 All AKVIS Plugins (except Magnifier):AirBrushArtifact Remover AIArtSuiteArtWork ChameleonCharcoal ColoriageDecoratorDraw EnhancerExplosionHDRFactory LightShopMakeUpNatureArtNeonNoise Buster AIOilPaintPastelPointsRefocus AI RetoucherSketch SmartMaskWatercolorCorel Photo-Paint 11-X8, 2017-2021Corel Painter 9-12, X3, 2015-2022Corel PhotoImpact X3 Serif Affinity Photo (Win)Serif Affinity Photo (Mac*)*Only for version bought from, not in the App Store.Paint.NET (+PSFilterPdn)GIMP 2.4.0-2.10.32 (+pspi plugin 32-bit)Serif PhotoPlus X7-X8Xara Designer ProXara XtremePhotoLine (Win)Luminar (Win)Luminar (Mac) AirBrush, Artifact Remover AI, ArtSuite, ArtWork, Charcoal, Coloriage, Decorator, Draw, Enhancer, Explosion, HDRFactory, LightShop, MakeUp, NatureArt, Neon, Noise Buster AI, OilPaint, Pastel, Points, Retoucher, Sketch, WatercolorOperating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 - 32/64-bitmacOS 10.12-13.0 - 64-bit Compatibility of the AKVIS Video Processing Plugins with Video EditorsAKVIS offers AE and OFX video editing plugins. Here is the list of the compatible video editing programs:Adobe After Effects CS6, CC 2013-CC 2023 All AKVIS Plugins:AirBrush VideoCharcoal VideoNeon VideoOilPaint VideoSketch Video (Classic/Artistic/Esquisse)Watercolor Video (Classic/Contour)Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, CC 2013-CC 2023Adobe Premiere Elements 11-15, 2018-2023Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 7.5-9 (Win)Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 17-18MAGIX (Sony) Vegas Pro (Win)NatronOperating Systems:Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 - 64-bit macOS 10.12-13.0 - 64-bit

AKVIS Plug-in Crackl

  • Among the most popular questions asked by newbies about Photoshop compatible plugins are: Where do I install a plugin and how do I load it afterwards?A plugin (or plug-in) is a computer program that integrates into another program adding new features and increasing functionality. Adobe lets you install plug-in filters from other software developers in its programs. Some Photoshop compatible plugins have an installer that will guide you through the process. But what should you do if plug-ins are not added in Photoshop? How to install these files? It's as easy as pie. All you need to do is to copy (or drag) the file into the Plug-Ins folder of Adobe Photoshop. The Adobe folder is typically located in Program Files on Windows and in Applications on Mac computers. If you have installed Photoshop in any other location you should look for the Plug-Ins folder there.See also:Useful Tips on Installing Plugins (below), Installation Troubleshooting Guide for Windows 32 bit, Photoshop PlugIns in Windows 64 bit.Bear in mind that Photoshop must be closed when installing new plugins. Or you will need to restart the editor. Next time you run Photoshop, the plugins will be available in the Filter menu. Call Plugins in Photoshop: Filter -> AKVIS -> Enhancer Some Useful Tips: Photoshop recognizes plug-ins located in subfolders and subdirectories inside the Plug-Ins folder. You can classify your filters by developer or by task. Just create a new folder inside the Plug-Ins folder and put the files in it. However, the list of plugins in the Photoshop menu (under Filter) looks different from the list in the Plug-Ins folder. In the Photoshop menu plug-ins are usually classified by developer.

  • Photoshop also recognizes shortcuts (Windows) and alias (Mac OS) within the Plug-Ins folder and subfolders. Install your plug-in filters into any folder outside Photoshop, and then create a shortcut for the ".8bf" file (or "make alias" on Mac) and place it into the Plug-Ins folder. With shortcuts you can manage your plugins quickly and safely.

  • You can select an additional plug-ins folder in Photoshop Preferences. Call the command Edit on Windows or Photoshop on Mac, then -> Preferences -> Plug-ins & Scratch Disk. Select Additional Plug-ins Folder, then use the button Choose to select a folder or directory from the list. Attention! If you select the Additional Plug-ins Folder in Photoshop 32 bit, make sure that the folder does not contain the 64 bit files (64-bit version of the plugin), otherwise you will get an error message!

Note: Some filters show up directly in the main Photoshop menu (typically between "Windows" and "Help" titles). Some plugins (which change size of images) appear in the menu Automate, for example, the Magnifier plugin: File -> Automate -> AKVIS Magnifier. Call Automation Plugins: File -> Automate -> AKVIS Magnifier Share with friends & get a discount! Subscribe to News ProductsPhoto ProcessingVideo ProcessingFrame PacksUseful InfoCompatibilityOnline StoreDiscountsSupportContact SupportUpgradeTutorial Photo Processing

Old Versions:You can download previous releases of the AKVIS programs in the Customer Room (Download section). They are made available for those customers who don't want to update to the new versions or prefer the old way of processing. If you can't find your version, please contact us at

AKVIS Retoucher not only removes dust, scratches, stains and other defects that appear on damaged photos but is also able to reconstruct missing parts of a photo using the information of the surrounding areas. The work is done automatically; you only have to indicate areas to be restored, push the Run button, and here you are - the surface becomes smooth and imperfections disappear. It looks like magic when you observe the scratches vanishing before your very eyes! AKVIS Retoucher is also a handy tool for improving photo composition. It is possible to remove date stamps, small irrelevant details (wires, refuse bins, etc) and even bigger objects (i.e. people who fell into the shot by accident, cars in the background). If you need to increase the canvas size (from one side or proportionally) to bring the main object into focus, i.e. to center it, Retoucher will help you to extend image patterns to the blank areas of the canvas. Polygraphists will find Retoucher useful in doing the prepress processing job. They often have the problem of extending the borders of a layout that does not have space for cropping. AKVIS Retoucher saves much time by doing this quickly and efficiently!Use AKVIS Retoucher for the following purposes:Restore old and damaged photos from your family archive by removing scratches, stains and other defects; Improve the composition of your photos by removing the date stamp, text, distracting details (wires, refuse bins, etc.) and by extending the photo canvas (increase the image canvas and the plug-in will recreate the image patterns in the blank areas);Reconstruct missing parts of the photo (to restore a torn photo, in polygraphy to extend the borders of a layout that does not have space for cropping).Remove larger and complex objects (people, cars, buildings).AKVIS Retoucher is your reliable tool for increasing productivity! AKVIS Retoucher is available as an independent program (standalone) and as a plugin to a photo editor. The functionality of the program depends on the license type. The plugin version is compatible with AliveColors, Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Corel PaintShop Pro, etc. Check the compatibility page for more details. The software offers a multi-language user interface.

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