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Best Buy Now Pay Later Websites

To help make your decision a little easier, the Fortune RecommendsTM editorial team reviewed a few of the most popular BNPL platforms. We weighed annual percentage rates (APRs), late fees, loan terms, mobile app ratings, and more to help you decide if buying now, and paying later is worth it. (Read our full methodology here.)

best buy now pay later websites

Good for those who want to pay off their purchase sooner, rather than later. Zip ranked highly on our list for its interest-free model and for having one of the lowest late fees on our list. The app also boasts an average mobile app rating of 4.4 on Google Play and the App Store. Using Zip has zero impact on your credit score and you can use the service almost anywhere Visa is accepted. This platform did have the shortest repayment timeline out of all of the platforms we reviewed. When using this service, customers will split their purchase up into four installments over the course of six weeks. For customers who are looking to finance a larger purchase, this could put a strain on their budget.

Buy-now, pay-later platforms can make it easier to afford purchases that are just outside your budget by breaking down the lump sum cost into smaller, easier to manage installments. These installment loans may come with interest and fees that vary from platform to platform. Typically, merchants will partner with a buy-now, pay-later platform and offer this as a payment method at checkout.

The Fortune RecommendsTM team compared 7 of the most popular buy-now, pay-later apps and services to help you find the best platform for your borrowing needs. To come up with our final list, we ranked the best apps and exchanges on the following categories and weighted each category as set forth in the percentages below:

We think that the best platforms offer financing for purchases from a large number of merchants, low or zero APRs, longer loan terms, a high mobile app rating, and various customer service options. The requirements, fees, and merchants partnered with these platforms may change and financing terms, limits, and APRs are dependent on your individual credit profile, income, and more.

Consumers using these financing solutions tend to be less engaged with these solutions than are consumers using the integrated Pay in 4 shopping apps. Active consumers in mature cohorts, even best-in-class off-card financing players, have a repeat usage of two or three times a year, versus more than 20 times for integrated Pay in 4 shopping apps. This will be a critical metric for these players to address, given the risk of commoditization at point of sale.

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If you run an ecommerce brand, you have likely noticed the increased popularity of buy now, pay later services over the last few years. These are apps that you can add to the store which allows the customer to pay for their purchase over time, usually interest free. Some of these services require a soft credit check, but not all.

If you are on Shopify and want to add a buy now, pay later service to your store, there are a few different routes you could take. You might be wondering what your options are and how to know which of those methods is the best route to take.

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) services have become an increasingly popular strategy for getting items now without having to pay the full purchase price upfront. This can make holiday shopping more affordable as you navigate your finances and avoid money mistakes during this festive time.

Using these services can help you get your shopping done, but also free up space in your budget to crush your debt at the same time. Here are 44 major retailers offering buy now, pay later options this holiday season.

Sometimes the best gift is something a bit more unique. And unique is where Etsy thrives. Many of the items you can find on Etsy are homemade pieces that actual people (not factories) have crafted and put together themselves. And depending on the product, you typically have some say in how you might want something customized. Pretty neat, right? All it takes is a bit of searching to find the perfect gift for your loved one.

Bring the magic home this holiday season with all the best gifts from Disney. This includes Disney-branded items, as well as Star Wars, PIXAR, and Marvel. You have your choice of apparel, toys, home decor, accessories, and even items inspired by the different Disney parks. From Mickey to Captain America, Disney has a lot to offer.

Buy now, pay later services have some inherent risk, similar to most financial products. But if you understand the terms and conditions, these services can provide you with a lifeline for sticking to your budget during one of your potentially most expensive times of the year. And if you stay disciplined with your finances, you could come out ahead with paying off debt and doing holiday shopping at the same time.

Affirm is another solid buy now pay later solution. On average, Affirm customers see 85% lift in AOV and a 20% repeat purchase rate. Further, they have a shopper network of over 6m shoppers that you can tap into.

However, what makes this buy now pay later integration different is that since it is offered by Shopify, they promise tighter integration with Shopify stores, and hence, you can expect better performance and loading times. This is an underrated factor that also plays a big part in improving conversion rates.

As the name suggests, these services allow you to shop for items you want now and then pay them off over time. Curious about the best buy now, pay later sites we found? Keep reading to learn all about them.

Most of the time, buy now, pay later companies specify whether or not their method of checking will impact your credit score. However, if you have any hesitations, it's worth reaching out to the company's support team to get your questions answered.

Buy now, pay later programs are becoming so ubiquitous that if one doesn't fit your needs, there's bound to be a couple of others that do. You may be used to seeing names like Affirm, Afterpay, and Klarna as payment options when shopping online, but the sheer number of these programs has seriously expanded since they began. And many popular retailers are partnering with them now. Here's a rundown of five buy now, pay later apps and sites that are worth considering, and how you can use them.

Affirm is probably one of the best-known buy now, pay later sites, with dozens of retailers providing it as a payment solution. You can use this service at a ton of different retailers across a wide variety of categories, including accessories and apparel, electronics and home, and travel and wedding. There are even categories like Black-owned businesses, which makes it easier to support this specific community.

With Afterpay, you make your first payment when you purchase an item, and then you'll owe the rest of the money at a later time. You'll get an available spend initially, which can help you stay within your budget. And as long as you make timely payments, that available spend should increase over time. Worried about missing a payment? Afterpay sends reminders, but if you do miss one, they'll pause your account until you're caught up.

How it works: Shop online or in-store with the app, and then check out using Klarna. According to their website, the service allows you to "try before you buy, or pay over time," and provides a few different options to fit any budget. If you opt for Pay in 4, you'll split the cost of your purchase into four interest-free payments to be paid every two weeks. If you choose Pay later in 30 days, you'll be able to start enjoying your purchase immediately. Keep what you like and return the rest. When you're happy with your order, you can then pay your final balance with a valid credit card, debit card, or through your bank account. And you won't have to pay interest or fees.

Buy now and pay later with Sezzle online or in-app, and you'll be able to shop more than 34,000 stores. That number includes big box stores like Target, as well as retailers like Brandless, Melt Cosmetics, Crunchyroll, and tons more.

Using Zip (formerly Quadpay), shoppers can do everything from booking a trip, to shopping online or in-store, to even ordering groceries and paying bills. Zip users don't have to undergo a hard credit check, so there's no impact to your credit score. While the company doesn't charge interest, you do have to pay a $1 convenience fee for each payment. In the big scheme of things, that's a small price to pay to buy now, pay later!

How it works: Like other buy now, pay later sites, Zip provides the ability to buy today and then pay four interest-free installments over the course of six weeks. Shop online with the app by finding your favorite stores, then add products to your cart. When it's time to pay, make sure your cart amount matches the payment request. Zip autofills your payment information, allowing you to check out quickly.

These stand-alone buy now, pay later programs have grown in popularity enough that bigger companies are throwing their hats in the ring. Recently, reports came out about Apple launching their own buy now, pay later program called Apple Pay Later, and PayPal has its own service called Pay in 4. With these two giants getting on board, it's only a matter of time before others join in.

Like other buy now, pay later sites, PayPal's allows you to choose Pay in 4 during checkout and then make one payment every two weeks to pay off your purchase. Apple Pay Later will reportedly offer similar capabilities, including spreading the purchase out across four interest-free payments made every two weeks. However, Apple will apparently let you pay across several months with interest, as well. 041b061a72

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