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Fatal Beauty Hd Full Movie Download !!HOT!!

While this is listed as a comedy action film, it is closer to an action film with comic moments, particularly the cat fight she gets into with Jennifer Warren, the nasty upscale mother of the drug addicted James Le Gros, a teenager whom she initially is threatened by due to the arrest of his druglord father. He then comes back to her when 10 of his friends are killed by tainted street drugs. Whoopi's an undercover cop on the vice squad who becomes personally involved through her determination to clean the streets up from the low lives knowingly selling tainted drugs. She initially despises bodyguard Sam Elliot who works for one of the drug lords she's trying to bring down but he proves himself to being a decent guy and offers to help.Known for her colorful wigs while under cover, Goldberg is tough but decent, a hard fighter and downright beaten when she learns about kids dying as a result of the tainted drugs. Earlier it's revealed how the tainted drugs ended up on the street, put together by a kid too high to know what he was doing, yet sold on the streets anyway. The code Fatal Beauty indicates what is stamped on the packages and obviously it is fatal if certainly not beautiful.This is not as good as "Jumping Jack Flash" (Whoopi's entrance into film comedy), but certainly much better than her predecessor to this, "Burglar", a dreadful action comedy. Thanks to its profound script, this becomes a thoughtful look at the low lives who have no interest in who they kill through the drugs they have sold on the street as long as they make a profit.Whoopi has a scene with Elliot that almost sounds semi-autobiographical and the emotions she utilizes in that scene are obviously sincerely her own. Her initial confrontation with Warren (who always reminds me of Jane Fonda) is violent but funny, yet there's a follow-up between them that is truly touching. Add Whoopi to the comics who could make you laugh one moment and break your heart the next, and that is not fatal beauty. That's eternal beauty.

Fatal Beauty hd full movie download


Here are some of the previews and adverts featured on the 1988 Australian VHS rental release of the 1987 Whoopi Goldberg film 'Fatal Beauty' from CEL Home Video's MGM/UA Home Video label:Warning scroll & CEL Home Video intro'Preview Time'Stripped to KillThe NestGhost Chase (Yep! Directed by Roland Emmerich)'Please stay tuned...' adviceThe Drug Offensive advert #1R rating warningMGM/UA Home Video logoThe Drug Offensive advert #2 (This was featured after the movie)'Preview Time' (again)Red River (1988)Side by SideGrand LarcenyLena My 100 ChildrenEvil in Clear RiverCEL Home Video outro(P.S. Everything in this upload belongs to their copyright holders respectfully. I do not own anything. So no copyright intended what so ever.)

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