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George Hunchback
George Hunchback

Balance (HAT MIDI KIT) MiDi __TOP__

Creating a custom Map Preset is really easy. In the Map Window, click the [SNARE] button to list all the available stroketypes for the Snare. Then click the [Learn] button next to Snare Open Hit and hit the snare drum pad to assign the sound. If you have a separate zone for the rim (meaning the rim sends out a different midi note than the center), then you can assign that to Snare RimShot or perhaps Snare Sidestick.

Balance (HAT MIDI KIT) MiDi

Chris Allison is one heck of a drummer. He's dynamic, tasteful, powerful when he needs to be, has chops for days, AND he can clearly explain every single thing he plays. He has great feel, he's creative, as well as extremely knowledgeable. That's a combination of abilities that's hard to come by and it's because of these reasons (and the fact that he's one of the nicest guys we know) that we invited him on board to create a new midi groove pack which perfectly compliments our latest drum library release, One Kit Wonder: Modern Fusion.

PowerTracks Pro Audio 9 and higher have a feature that will allow audio to be recorded even when the current track is MIDI. PowerTracks will offer to keep the audio take on the nearest available blank track. This can be a "lifesaver" in those situation where you wanted to record audio, but you accidentally selected the current track as a MIDI track.To disable this feature, go to Options Preferences Audio, and uncheck "Always Record Audio too, if current track is midi".

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