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TERMS & CONDITIONS OF ANY AUCTION PARTICIPATION: Thanks for helping support our children's education! The Boone Parent & Teacher Organization is a 501(c)3 that works with Murad Auctions to provide silent/online and live auction services. All participants in the auction ("Bidders") must register and are bound by these Terms below as a condition of participation. To participate in any parts of the Auction ("Auction" is both Silent Online Auction and/or Live Auction for any items that the Boone PTO puts up on this site for bid), Participants must provide their name, email, phone number, billing and credit card information (henceforth, "Bidders"). COMMUNICATION: Bidders who want to participate in the Boone Auction agree to receive texts and emails from our bidding system; any fees for any communications are borne by the registrant only. TIMING AND PLACE OF BIDS: The Silent Online Auction takes place Thursday, February 2, 2023, 9am and ends as follows: Wednesday, February 8 at 10pm for Prom Items (corsages, boutonnieres and "They're Playing Our Song" bids); Thursday, February 9, 2023: Teacher of the Day ends at 9:30pm, all other Items end at 10pm CT. The Silent Auction takes place via Murad and is a double-confirmation bidding system; each bid requires two clicks to confirm the bid or max bid. All bids are final and will not be rescinded. Winner is the highest winning bid at the time of Item/Auction close; Buy It Now items are the immediate winner, even if a max bid for the same amount has been placed. The items chosen for the Silent Auction and the Live Auction all have published timeframes when those items are open for bid; these timeframes are set and/or changed purely at the discretion of the Boone PTO and, despite best efforts, may change quickly and without advance notice. Starting bid amounts may also change at any time and without notice. The Live Auction takes place during the Paws for Prom party, February 10, 7:30-11pm at the Arts District Mansion, 2101 Ross Avenue; tickets must be purchased to participate in the Live Auction. The Live Auction will be in a live bidding format with an Auctioneer and Spotters. ALL SALES FINAL: All Auction bids, sales & donations are final and Winner agrees to pay for the item within 24 hours of close of the winning bid; ticket sales and all items on ticket page are paid immediately and are final. No returns or credits whatsoever are allowed. ITEMS ARE SOLD AS IS: All items are sold as is and provided by the vendor or donating entity. Should anything change about the donation, this is purely between the Winner and the donating entity. CREDIT CARDS ONLY: All financial transactions are only done via credit card using BidKit; BidKit is a secure financial transaction site used by thousands of companies around the world. CHECK OUT: At the close of any of the Silent Online Auction(s) and the Live Auction, Winner will be notified of their winning items and be prompted to submit final payment. If Winner forgets to check out, we will charge the credit card on file. Receipts will be sent via email. If Winner's credit card is declined, Winner will receive a text and an email at auction close time; Winner has 24 hours from close of that auction item to provide an updated credit card in the Murad system. If Winner does not, the item will be awarded to the next highest Bidder. PICKUP AUCTION Feb 2-10, 2023: For tax reasons, all items from the Online and Live Auctions Feb 2-10, 2023 MUST be picked up on Saturday, February 11, 2023, from 10am-4pm CT at 3201 Bryn Mawr Drive to enjoy the tax-free benefit. All items will need to be picked up by Winners EXCEPT for various experiences such as Teacher Experiences, Pay to Play Parties and Boone & HP Offerings (UNLESS there is a physical item as part of the package that will be provided up front, also see PICKUP SIGNS). If Winner is unable to pick up items, please arrange for a friend to pick them up for you on that day to get the tax-free benefit. If an item is not picked up on this day, Winner will be assessed tax and we will charge Winner's credit card accordingly as by law. PICKUP SIGNS: Pickup for any items not ready on Feb 11, such as signs, will be assessed the local sales tax of 8.25% and will coordinate with the PTO for pickup when the signs are ready. PHOTOS: Winners consent to photos and/or videos being taken of them, their guests and/or their children during any events (including, but not limited to, Pay to Plays, Grade Parties, Teacher Experiences, Live Auction Party, photos with Champ and more) and used by Boone PTO in perpetuity and without compensation. This agreement supersedes any other photo agreements made otherwise with the PTO. PAY TO PLAY: All Pay to Play events take place on a preassigned date that is published in description, but may change due to unforeseeable situations. For date-relevant items, including Events, Experiences and School-specific events, Winners' name and contact information will be shared with donor and/or Boone PTO team helping manage the event or experience. All Winners agree to participate on that day & time; again, all sales are final and no refunds or credits will be given if Winner cannot attend. Should any issues arise with the donating entity (including, but not limited to, force majeure, Acts of God or any other circumstances outside of donor's control), donating entity will reschedule accordingly; any rescheduling is purely between the Winner and the donating entity and Winner schedules may or may not be accommodated. Good luck!

buy murad online

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