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ABOUT Assetto Corsa

Declaring 2015 as "Year of the racing game", British automobile magazine TopGear's Mike Channell writes: "Released at the tail end of 2014, Assetto Corsa is a spectacularly tactile PC sim that offers up a garage full of cars that will tug at your very loins".[63] In a preview of the upcoming console version in January 2016, TopGear writes that "Assetto Corsa might not have the same storied history as Forza or Gran Turismo, but it's established its brilliance on PC already and as with just about everything built by Italians it's forged with all-consuming passion."[64]

ABOUT Assetto Corsa

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Unlike the Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo series, there are some video games that are more proper sims, as you need to manage tire temps, fuel strategies and even suspension setups to make a race-winning car. Assetto Corsa Competizione is an incredible video game when it comes to depicting the real-life GT3 race series. It is right up there with iRacing and rFactor 2 as the premier racing simulators you can play today. Here are some things we know about Kunos Simulazioni's official GT World Challenge video game.

Jan Lacuna is an engineer, car enthusiast, sim racing and real life racing driver from the Philippines now working as a writer for He likes to write about the world of racing, and his experiences about Japanese cars and its culture.

Handling models are always a matter of taste - you can debate endlessly whether Gran Turismo or Forza offers more authenticity, but they'll always be interpretations of the real thing that are, in their own way, equally valid - and there's something about Assetto Corsa that's in tune with mine. It's something about the pliability of its tire model, and the generous window you're given to play with between the limit of adhesion and the messy abyss beyond it. It's something about how readable the cars are, and the way each one talks back to you through impressive feedback - with some cars more talkative than others.

It's also about the common sense that's found its way into Assetto Corsa, and now I've met the endearingly pragmatic Massaruto it's a prudence seemingly common to Kunos itself. Details like the ability to drive with any given car as it rolled off the factory floor with whatever assists the manufacturer enabled rather than smothering everything with the developer's own (I've gone on about this before, and I'll keep on going on about it until the people at Polyphony and Turn 10 see sense and include a similar feature of their own.) Or the ability to drive each car on rubber analogous to that which the original car would have rolled on. Even small things like how the steering animation is mapped 1:1 with your own movements if you're playing on a wheel.

"We don't feel competition with them," Massarutto continues, recounting the camaraderie between the two developers after Turn 10 happily invited the small team at Kunos to sample Forza Motorsport 6 at last year's E3. "It's like Rocky Balboa versus Apollo Creed in the first Rocky. You know you can have the chance to face them, but to win. We are a company with 27 people now. They are 450. When they ask about how many people we are now - they think we're crazy."

A key element of any good qualifying session is to slowly build up the pace, your best lap should always come just as the session is about to end. This is when the track is the most rubbered in and confidence is at an all-time high.

Debarshi Das is an independent security researcher with a passion for writing about cybersecurity and Linux. With over half a decade of experience as an online tech and security journalist, he enjoys covering news and crafting simplified, highly accessible explainers and how-to guides that make tech easier for everyone. While he's programming and publishing by day, you'll find Debarshi hacking and researching at night.

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