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George Hunchback
George Hunchback

Inspired Randomness [Thinking Out loud] Fixed

ENTJs appear confident, business-like, and visionary in their speech. They tend to think out loud, and this is because extraverted thinking, their dominant process, needs to externalize thoughts, write them, or diagram them in some way in order to process them effectively. They may sound as if they are stating hard and fast judgments, when in fact they are just stating ideas and thoughts in an effort to form conclusions. They enjoy sharing their thoughts, and especially enjoy analytical back-and-forth feedback and debate with others. They can enjoy debating or arguing to reach a conclusion or to test their own opinions and theories.

Inspired randomness [Thinking out loud]

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.....i am glad to see a lot of you want to play. so here is what i was thinking. i asked if (?) it would be possible to redefine a traditional style without destroying its concept. to liven it up, to change its context, to bring it up to date, to work freely with out copying it over and over.i like crazy quilting in some ways and some ways not. i am thinking out loud here when i say....i like the randomness, the use of special saved scraps, the focus on edges, the craziness of the embellishment, the heirloom quality, the foundation aspect.....the hand sewing.i don't like the frilly-ness, the non functional quality, the focus on learning and executing stitches out of a book, the fact that somehow they all look the same to me from a i want to change the feel, story blocks maybe or less rigid conformity to repetitious stitches, edge treatments that are not stitches, maybe applique, or maybe ragged. i don't game is... what do you think, what would you do, how can you showcase your own style within the crazy quilt block framework? i will make and give away one block to any one who wants to join in. no time limit, post on your own blog or post here...(i am also glad to send a bag of crazy scraps for you to work with but i also like the personal fabric story aspect of these kinds of quilts.) let's start a new style. a new age this silly? what if we just go with it? what could we name this? AQ? Alternative Quilting? AC, alternative Crazy? help me here.

An example we often see is that the quality of a website's internal-search results are used to judge the overall quality of the site, and, by inference, the quality of the brand behind the site and its products. Thus, a user's statements may proceed as follows if verbalized in a thinking-aloud study: "Wow, these search results make no sense and appear in seemingly random order. This site must be really poorly done. This company doesn't have its act together and doesn't care about customers. I shouldn't buy any of these products." Note that each step in this chain of inferences is at least a little bit reasonable, and yet the final conclusion doesn't follow from the initial observation. (Sometimes you'll get a good product when buying from a site with poorly implemented search.) However, users don't really progress through a logical-reasoning process. The halo effect works by shortcutting all these steps and simply allows people to make their overall judgment based on their impression of one attribute. 350c69d7ab

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